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Victorian Digital Humanities

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This course is designed to build on the critical thinking and composition strategies learned in ENGL 1101 by introducing students to key concepts in visual culture and digital humanities through the fictions and legacy of nineteenth-century British author H. Rider Haggard. The field of digital humanities has revolutionized the type of questions academics ask about texts, history, aesthetics, and culture. This course introduces students to the histories and principles of digital humanities using electronic literature, algorithmic analysis, archival studies, and new media. In order to better understand how ideas of remediation and computational cultures that have fundamentally restructured epistemologies of information, students will explore several examples of the tools, formats, and infrastructure that continue to revolutionize the creation and dissemination of knowledge production. By focusing specifically on ideas of design as they relate to user experience, visual rhetorics, screen culture, and image archives, students will be able to address how design acts as both social practice and intervention. Using case studies, workshops, and group projects this course provides experience assessing primary sources using computational methods. Students enrolled in this course will be evaluated on their successful engagement with course outcomes in rhetoric, process, and multimodality through the completion of written assignments as well as multimodal and digital projects.