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Victorian Digital Humanities

Calendar Common First Week Assignment Artifact #1 Artifact #2 Artifact #3 Twitter Multimedia Portfolio Working Bibliography


Week Date Homework (Due that day)
Week 1 Monday, January 8 No Class: Snow Day
  Wednesday, January 10 Review syllabus. Sign and return syllabus form. Review WOVENText “Part 2: How Can I Use WOVEN Communication?” 29-83.
  Friday, January 12 Review WOVENText pages about portfolio/Mahara (Ch. 7, pp. 151-158).
Week 2 Monday, January 15 No Class: MLK Day
  Wednesday, January 17 No Class: Snow Day Common First Week Assignment Due
  Friday, January 19 Stephen Ramsay’s “The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; or What You Do with a Million Books” (Canvas -> Files)
Week 3 Monday, January 22 Watch Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) by classtime; Tweet a response to at least 1 discussion question
  Wednesday, January 24 She Haggard’s Introduction (not the editor’s Intro) & Chapters 1-3
  Friday, January 26 She Chapters 4-6
Week 4 Monday, January 29 She Appendix B (pp. 302-319); In class: Victorian Archaeology: Mummies and Lost Cities Presentation
  Wednesday, January 31 She Chapters 7-9
  Friday, February 2 She Appendix C; In class: Race and Empire Presentation; link for Section HP2
Week 5 Monday, February 5 She Chapters 10-15; Beginning at 9:00 AM select a Haggard text Section A4; Section B7; Section HP2
  Wednesday, February 7 She Chapters 16-18
  Friday, February 9 She Appendix D; In class: The New Woman Presentation; Quiz
Week 6 Monday, February 12 She Chapters 19-23; In Class Activity
  Wednesday, February 14 In class: Presentation Commercialization and the Periodical Press; DH Awards; Section HP2
  Friday, February 16 She Chapters 24-25; HP2
Week 7 Monday, February 19 She Chapters 26-28
  Wednesday, February 21 She (1965) film (Canvas); In class: Adaptation Presentation HP2
  Friday, February 23  
Week 8 Monday, February 26 Nemo: Heart of Ice (Canvas); Optional textual supplements: Annotations to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo’s Heart of Ice; H. P. Lovecraft’s The Mountain of Madness
  Wednesday, February 28 In class: Paper Circuit Tutorial with Ashley Schick (Meet in Homer Rice Room)
  Friday, March 2 In class: Illustration Presentation, HP2
Week 9 Monday, March 5 Artifact #2 Due; In class: Tutorial with Ximin Mi
  Wednesday, March 7 In class: Tutorial with Ximin Mi
  Friday, March 9 In class: Digital Humanities Presentation HP2
Week 10 Monday, March 12 In class: Tutorial with Ximin Mi
  Wednesday, March 14 In class: Tutorial with Ximin Mi
  Friday, March 16 In class: Book History Presentation
Spring Break    
Week 11 Monday, March 26  
  Wednesday, March 28  
  Friday, March 30 Artifact #3 Research Proposal Due
Week 12 Monday, April 2 In-class prepare data set for Wednesday: “If any of them get some interesting results in Voyant, they need to save that content in secure_volume folder for output (already written in my instruction), they can move along to try take content out of Hathitrust. More instruction about taking the results out of Hathitrust is on their website as step 13; Ximin’s Github Data Visualization Materials
  Wednesday, April 4 Tutorial with Ximin Mi
  Friday, April 6 Download Tableau
Week 13 Monday, April 9  
  Wednesday, April 11 In Class: Bring a digital copy of at least one data visualization to project on the screen, and discuss with the class. Samples should be as complete as possible (include header, scale, color, etc.). Teams will explain the decisions they made in creating this data visualization verbally.
  Friday, April 13 Artifact #3 Data Visualization Due
Week 14 Monday, April 16 Introduce Multimedia Portfolios
  Wednesday, April 18 Participation Form; Multimedia Portfolios
  Friday, April 20 No Class: Work Day
Week 15 Monday, April 23 Library Questionnaire; Peer Review Reflective Essay; CIOS
Exam Week Monday, April 26 - May 3  
  Friday, April 27 8:00 AM ‐ 10:50 AM Section A4
  Friday, April 27 11:30 AM ‐ 2:20 PM Section B7
  Wednesday, May 2 11:30 AM ‐ 2:20 PM Section HP2